When you were young did you ever wonder what the haunted house or the abandoned, overgrown factory down the road from you looked like on the inside? As a curious only child who spent their time alone and wandering the New England woods, I grew up in a creepy looking 18oos home that later became the abandoned "haunted house" of the town.  This background left me with an interest in old decaying buildings and inspired me in my education and interests in anthropology, English, history and radio. 

In 2015 I made the decision to start photographing and capturing on video these abandoned locations that I explored until then as a hobby. As an Urban Explorer (or "urbexer") and Youtube creator my recent explorations have been once great mansions, asylums, industrial sites and lost places. I now travel across the US, UK and Ireland to allow you to experience these places with me and reveal to you the hidden beauty and forgotten world of the abandoned human landscape.

At the Fairy Throne

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What I Do

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