When I learned there was a Gothic mansion that was a zoo, I simply had to check it out.  After leaving a large nearby mansion we explored with Discover With Pajerico, we set out late in the day to find it.  Situated up small cliffs in the hills near the Highlands, this mansion was built in the 1800s in the Regency Gothic style and shut down partly due to this very seclusion.  The lands were once home to the famous 1st Marquis of Montrose, who sold them to a family who built the house and later sold it to a pair of zoologists who decided to create the new attraction. 

After a series of misfortunes and accidents it shut down and has been decaying ever since.  Now home to trees, a sunken and mossy courtyard of pillars that seems out of this world, and many ornate windows and pillars it is still a striking place despite the long neglect.  With projects in the works, it may yet rise again as an attraction and be home to happy visitors, but for now is home only to the ghosts of its past.

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