As we continued in to the mountains, I was excited to see two places I'd dreamed of for many years.  The first, a masonic mansion  built to look like a castle, was nestled above a scenic rushing river.  Never lived in, it has since, after the builder's death been owned by the Freemasons.  With a long and strange tale of insanity and loss, I was very keen to see inside the place as it's almost more myth now than reality.  However, recent security updates have been made possibly due to name dropping online.  Alarms, cameras, new locks and boards now stop visitors.  However, this may mean a new lease on life for this uniquely Scottish-American castle. 

The second location for the day was an abandoned hotel built in the 1890s, which is far more accessible, though extremely dangerous.  It is now filled with used needles, many bags of trash and leans in many directions.  Both once great wooden towers have collapsed, and the rest is soon to join them well before the recent demolition order comes into effect.  Still, very scenic and photogenic, if you ever pass up the narrow mountain road to it, I recommend taking the time to stop and enjoying this last great ghost of  its dead breed of Borscht belt resorts.       



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