After a miles long hike down an old rail bed that used to service a massive 64 acre mental asylum complex, the buildings finally came into view.  The expected entrance was shut, and what followed was an hour or longer process of finding possible hopes of seeing inside dashed over and over again.  Not willing to give up so easily, we kicked around the outer areas of the grounds and after a discussion with local kids, Discover with Pajerico and myself had a way in to some of the old staff buildings.  While mostly stripped, and showing signs of recent inhabitants, here and there were traces of Victorian architecture or the lives of the patients and employees.  The site stands today awaiting a planned restoration that will level some 60% of the massive campus, and bring housing to ease the local shortages in the market.  Until then it stays locked tightly away as one of the most untouched and unspoiled Victorian asylums in the UK, both tantalizing close and so far away from touch.

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