1-5-20 | Abandoned Church of Dead Crows - Desertify Urbex


It was a day of rain that just would not stop.  After an aborted attempt on a mansion that involved crashing through the deep woods and climbing hills, we spent the rest of the day passing site after site amid a constant downpour.  then on the side of the road in a tiny village I spotted a lone church with broken windows and two small spires.

Ditching our usual equipment for basic waterproof items we headed into the cemetery to find a number of dead birds, some decapitated.  Venturing inside, much of the church was stripped but the interior floors were covered in more dead birds, with not a single on alive in sight.  

Some of the stained glass inside survived, along with some items inside the vestry.  Otherwise this place was a mystery.  We later found it was built around 1812 and had been abandoned for almost 50 years.  It remains a symbol of the fate of many such churches across the UK today with declining attendance numbers and closures creating vacant, staring but elegant soon to be ruins. 


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