In what has become the most shocking explored location yet, we send you inside a never before seen abandoned Cult like school. This location is infamous for the abuse that happened within its walls,  multiple news exposes, and the sheer volume of survivors with lurid stories of the brainwashing program it ran.  Originally founded on the teachings of the Church of Synanon, the program is linked to an unsolved murder, abuse cases and disappearances.

Upon discovering it was surprisingly possible, we explored the compound where everything is left behind, frozen in time from the day of its abrupt closing.  If you did not know the past of this place, it might seem like another regular and relatively pristine abandoned site.  After learning more I began to be able to pick out various terminologies in the signs that are posted here and there, and in the paperwork that still lies out in the open containing written confessions and detailed descriptions of daily activity.  A full video walkthrough including the backstory is below.


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