10-20-18 | The Abandoned Island Fortress - Desertify Urbex


When I first saw the inside of this fort on an episode of Brave Wilderness, I knew that I had to photograph it myself.  I was later lucky enough to be invited to spend the weekend on a nearby island, and the opportunity for a trip out to the location, which is only reachable by boat. 

It was a perfect Fall day with calm seas, which got to a rough start as the inflatable motor boat we were to use developed engine issues.  Likewise the boat we arrived on the island with also broke down.  As a last minute resort we decided to use sea kayaks to paddle the 45 minutes or so across the bay to the site.         

At first a bit terrifying it became a very scenic trip, and upon arriving there I discovered that Brave Wilderness had somehow missed all the best abandoned parts of this Civil War era fort.  The officers quarters, barracks and the underground vaults were not only beautifully decayed and untouched, but major surprises.  A full video walkthrough link is below.  I hope you enjoy its lonely beauty as much as I did.


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