On the trail of the rumor of a lost mausoleum we stopped at the head of a field.  From there we traveled up the barely perceptible lines that marked an old road trending up the hill and into a forest.  After some time in the wood I finally was able to divine the traces of the path heading heading the side and the crumbling walls of what must have been the tomb.  

Now almost one with the earth, a side collapsing, it has been desecrated and robbed over the years.  Knowing of the lady's famous mansion in which she had lived alone as a recluse, and with many tales of her secretive lifestyle ratting in our heads, we did not expect ultimately to stand in front of her very bones.  

As we headed down the hill again, a little stunned at what we found we decided to leave her nameless and return later to further cover her story.  We immediately upon our return to the US began work on the video you will find below which chronicles her unusual life, ornate Gothic mansion and the betrayal she faced by humanity after being buried deep within the natural world she was widely famed for loving so dearly.     

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