I first learned of this graveyard many years back in college from an obscure photo set which showed a number of crumbling tombs and a collection of bones, bowties, wedding rings and other left behind relics of the tomb's bodies.  I shelved it mentally after finding where it was located.  Fast forward 15 years, and after years of exploring I decided to see what was still there.

After arriving, a number of orange plastic fences, torn and trampled greeted us.  The church next to the graveyard sat looming and unused.  The plot of land with a number of tombs, the fronts smashed in, was a sea of abandoned fallen graves, now sandwiched between a construction site, apartments and a busy road.  Deer jumped and fled from us amid the stones.

An inspection of the tombs showed human remains thrown out from the inside and a number of blue latex gloves.  No sign of the rings or clothing of the past occupants.  It seemed a distinct possibility that some of the bones had been stolen and maybe sold along with the jewelry.  The graveyard's one famous resident, a signee of the US constitution has moved on to his home state from forgotten obscurity.  Today the graves and tombs sit in a growing urban wasteland, and seem about to fade away, lost forever in the trees that now hide them.        



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