I've visited this lone location through the seasons.  Each Winter, Summer, Fall,  or Spring the building gets a little worse.  Each year kids play, people jog by and the memory of the horrible crimes committed here by staff, and an even worse event that led to the nickname of "Asylum of the 7 Teeth" being attached to the site fade from collective memories.  

It was in the height of Summer in 1978 around my own birthday that year that a patient named Anne was allowed to walk the grounds.  She was not to be seen again until her dismembered body was found 2 years later buried in multiple holes on the site.  Within a decade the asylum was shuttered and quiet.

Still in the woods, while animals make their homes, kids leave used bikes and dogs run, just under the brush lie old sheets, chairs, bed frames, or sewer covers of the old asylum.  Somewhere too may lie other parts of Anne or the bodies of other missing patients.  The Asylum of 7 Teeth still holds its secrets.  We felt too little has ever been done to share Anne's story and the history of this place.  In our video below we dissect the horrific story and what led this asylum, once hailed as a modern pinnacle of treatment to shut its doors in disgrace.

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