I've always been drawn to ancient sites in Ireland and Scotland since I first picked up and read a copy of "The Celts" by Gerhard Herm at the age of 12, and my days in college studying Gaelic.  Over the many such sites I have visited, three stick out as both being rarely visited, but also quite remarkable.  From a rag tree in Ireland hidden in the woods outside of a church, to a now more frequented "Clootie Well" in Scotland, to a completely forgotten ancient shrine in the East of Scotland, these sites hold great mystery.  The "clooties", or rags that tie them together by their presence are connected  to a variety of local traditions involving the healing of ailments, but may also spring from offerings to gods of springs or the water.  At the most obscure site we found one of the rarest things of ancient Scotland, a stone footprint.  Often these are tied to kingship ceremonies at sites like Dunadd, and it offers a possible new level of importance for the location, alongside the existing carvings.  For more on their history, rituals and ties to ancient rites check out the video below.             

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