We were lucky enough on a windy day in Summer to have fellow explorer, Discover with Pajerico guide us to a mansion I've wanted to see for some time.  While this Gothic mansion was intact just two years ago, sadly it suffered a fate that many places, seemingly in growing numbers are confronting.  A greedy misuse of the land led to the owners leaving, and a lack of maintenance or following of the restoration of the house led to its decay.  Finally arson struck this house two years ago, and a site which was once a great example of an "everything left behind" location, went up in smoke.  Today the outside fabric stands strong, and is quite impressive, while inside is just piled rubble and leftovers of rusted metal and melted plastics.  Further down the road still lies an intact 1700s stable.  This year a new owner has begun to set up security precautions, and the future of the land is unknown.  For now it remains sandwiched between the landfill which led to it's abandonment and a huge chemical plant, awaiting the final chapter.  For more on its story, history and the inside check out my video below.      

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