Having discovered this obscure castle in historic databases I mapped it to near a small river in the north of Scotland.  Today it is a place greatly overshadowed by another castle of the same name, and is called "Rocky Hill of the Raven" in Gaelic.   The castle was once owned by the Keith clan, and the Cheney clan who held it until they lost their lands in the first Jacobite uprising.  Today it is a ruined but very large (one of the largest in the world) tower house, with 10 foot thick walls and an imposing 4 story masonry remnant that still includes stairs and some basements.  While there we were trapped by a man who stood with his back turned from us and stripped down naked.  He blocked the only exit out of the tower and loudly sang so he not only never heard us, but gave us no way to easily remove him from the area.  In the end we climbed down a wall and passed his friends who burst out laughing as we left which  can all be seen in the video below.

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