Finding the castle was the easy part.  Down a few fields and through a wood, eventually the last remaining tower spire stuck into view near a stream.  But it wasn't what was above ground that we were searching for.  Soon the gated doorways to a large underground chamber stood before us, down a worn flight of now exposed stairs.

The dungeon, a cavernous Gothic arched space, was once home to a reputed wizard and necromancer, Hugo De Giffard.  Here in the dungeon he built some 800 years ago, he was alleged to practice sorcery and was to eventually himself die.  Famous for aiding his king, Alexander III in battle with the vikings, he was written of in Marmion by Sir Walter Scott.  Many medieval and renaissance writers, too put pen to page about his legends which included a cursed pear, a pact with demons and goblins and a curse against any digging at the site.

Today, with a little work searching along the moat ditch the entrance can be found, and inside a remarkably well preserved dungeon like no other.  Somehow, despite the fame of the legends, and the hall among paranormal enthusiasts and explorers, nobody as of yet has made a comprehensive history of his life, or the story of the castle.  We set out to do so in the below.  I hope you enjoy this deep dive into the legends and true story of the Bohall.             

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