2-20-19 | A Creepy Disney of Decayed Dioramas - Desertify Urbex


On a windy day as the snow began to set in, we headed  to the top of the hill where the dreams of a devotedly religious man now lie as shattered miniature ruins.  Now the site of a shocking murder which caused the trees to be cut away , exposing the skeletons of numerous dioramas, the hill is capped with a prison like outlook of barbed wire, fencing in a huge glowing cross.  The site now resembles a post apocalyptic outpost of a future preacher man, but shows signs of the slow restoration begun by the mayor a few years ago.  Some  new coats of paint, a little new pavement and a couple of security measures are all present.  Only the future will tell what becomes of this tiny Disney of Decay.            


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