This is the kind of place you might see and skip if an urban explorer.  It was the story that made me come here to the snowy hill to examine the derelict buildings that crowd its top.  I first learned of this hospital turned nursing home from an article about its sister home closing after two horrible patient deaths involving freezing.  I decided to tell the story myself, as the real human horror of it all cannot be grasped by individual news stories.

It turns out these issues were much deeper seated and even worse at the main facility which was shut down after many years of violations and abuse.  Today it is a lonely reminder perched above a local liquor store, frequented by the homeless and filled with black mold, possible bedbugs, standing water and asbestos.  The lives lived and lost there are just as forgotten as the short articles on them, and the facility closings.  The story itself is just one piece of a larger issue of nursing and adult homes flooded by the very acute patients once housed by state hospitals and asylums.      


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