I'd wanted to see this mansion since I first heard of it, and had just missed it in 2016 when we ran out of time and had to turn southwards in Scotland.  First built in the 1100's as a small castle, it was converted in the 1600's into an mansion for the MacKenzie clan.  During these years it became associated with a human sacrifice legend and a curse upon the family made by the Brahan Seer who is also  thought by some to have predicted the Highland Clearances, and the Battle of Culloden.  In time the family curse would seemingly play out, and the mansion fell under new owners associated with Bass beer, which became the most popular beer in the world.   After a renovation into a Baronial Mansion, the family left it to rot in the 1950s.  Today the castle sits overlooking the nearby sea, swallowed in trees and filled with dangerous collapses and drops.  Few today remember the curse upon the doomed MacKenzie family, but it still seems today the dim halls and tall spires keep their secrets as closely held as the meaning of the prophet's words.  

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