In the declining days of Summer, we headed into the White Mountains to discover an obscure cabin, linked to a man rumored to be a Nazi spy. The house ahead blended into the trees, almost as if a part of them. Built-in a Swiss chalet style, the building seems both out of place, but also part of its place. With no signs of damage or graffiti, the interior is a time capsule, if mostly empty. Seemingly unchanged since the 1970s when it became abandoned.

The real tale of the house and the man that lived in it is starkly different than the rumors that have circulated for decades. Tied to a little-known syncretic faith that has been persecuted worldwide, he spent much of his life donating to their cause and spreading their word. He died in relative obscurity and is buried under a nearby boulder. Despite being considered a saint by his religion, today his legacy remains overshadowed by his German heritage and the misfortune of his living alone causing him to become an object of suspicion and FBI investigations. The house today, built in the style of others of their religious buildings. today only offers a retreat to the animals such as bears that have sometimes have made it their home.  

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