4-16-19 | Gothic Asylum Ward For The Violently Insane - Desertify Urbex


On an very windy days we reached the edge of the sprawling complex, first created in the 1870s, that now is the size of a small village.  The original Kirkbride still looms over the more modern expansions of the hospital grounds, though now succumbed to many fires and collapses.  The structure itself, after the newest fire is too dangerous to truly explore, however the other buildings still offer glimpses into the life of patients there.  On this trip we covered the halls of the ward for the violent and criminally insane, and reached the Gothic structure on the hill, but were forced to leave early.

The days of not just the newer buildings, but the main structure itself are numbered, as developers have reneged on original plans to reuse the historic site, and a number of conveniently placed arsons have opened the way for full development and destruction of the entirety of the some 100 or more buildings.  Today it sits in limbo, as machines chip at the edges, with an estimated decade long project gearing up to destroy this one a kind historic medical institution and one of the last buildings of its type.  


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