4-3-19 | Abandoned Doctor's Castle Sanatorium - Desertify Urbex


On a hill looking down on the surrounding rural town, is an unusual ruin.  The politician and soldier, General William Bancroft in 1906 set about building an castle like mansion house here.  In the end he settled for a smaller house, which shortly changed hands to  a local doctor, Harold Ayers who used it as an upscale sanatorium.  the establishment flourished until in 1930, it became a dance hall.   Finally on the Fourth of July, 1932 a firecracker or firework set the building ablaze and it was destroyed.   Today it sits alone on the hill, a subject for ghost stories of disembodied gallows victims, and passing photographers. As you first ascend the muddy and slippery hill, you must skirt the adjacent bull’s field.  We took the above photos in the winter and in the summer.  It is a very different place to see in either season, but well worth a visit as one of the lesser known ruins in New England.


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