An amazing, but also great thing about Maine is that many of the best parts are the least known or visited.  Fort Baldwin lies in a little seen park, that is obscured and overshadowed by its popular Fort Popham neighbor.  For a largely intact WWI fort with no admission price,  and a five story tower that one can sometimes get into and climb, it is amazingly ignored and you'd be lucky to see a soul if you do go.  What even fewer know, is that it sits almost on top of the third British colony in the United States.   Once the rival to Jamestown for dominion of the New World, the Popham Colony faced a number of set backs that led to its abandonment and being even completely lost, much like Roanoke for nearly 400 years.  Today only a small marker records where once the shape and fate of the New World, and modern America hung in the balance.  My photo gallery and video history are below.                


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