5-28-19 | Unwholesome Quaker Oats Mansion - Desertify Urbex


I never expected to see inside this place, on which and of which very few have seemingly managed to capture.  It was leaving an inaccessible tower house that we saw this through the trees, and decided to stop.  As it turned out I'd in fact marked it off.  The whole mansion complex is somewhat overgrown, and separated from the surrounding town by a river and bridge.  With some luck a group of local teens helped us in and we began to explore this large site.  They shared with us a troubling story of abuse, and a suicide rumored to have occurred in its basement.  After some deliberation and research I decided to include this information in the final video as it was a story that seemed to hold no justice or right ending.  

The house itself was built by an enterprising family, now mostly gone in Ireland, but with their names attached to various businesses and places.  The original mansion is now much expanded with newer additions and buildings, and somewhat stripped down.  No sound of the nearby town, no sign but of a few visitors it now sits alone, development and restoration plans having been more recently denied.  What the future of this beautiful Italianate country house holds, is anyone's guess, within in a decade however, it may be beyond any hope of saving.          

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