On a bright and sunny day we made the second trek to an abandoned mansion that has become my nemesis.  the house is central to an astonishing tale of betray, murder, imprisonment, brotherly jealousy, excess and a love affair.  Nearby is a wall built by the owner's angry brother which blocks the house from view of his own mansion.  Every time we try to photograph the inside we are quickly noticed and this time was no different, but we were able to fly the drone over the mansion.  However, the video display failed, which stopped us from recording much.  some say her ghost haunts the mansion, and while I don not believe in spirits, it does seem our endeavors here are relatively cursed.  The other brother's mansion does still exist today and is home to many follies, statues and walking trails, as well as an ancient hill fort of trees from which you can still see the brooding mansion of his brother.


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