On one of our last visits of sites in Scotland we were able to loop back and explore again with Discover With Pajerico.  This time it was at a site I've wanted to see for years.  The hotel below, was a clan seat, an 1800s baronial mansion that later was a hotel and hospital.  It once houses Rudolf Hess, after his failed attempt to negotiate peace with the UK in WWII.  Despite being crouched inside a housing development and attached to a gold course, it was clearly a site others had visited.  Completely massive, filled with still attached or fallen massive iron beams,  and brick ceilings, it was a maze of rooms and hallways, mostly roofless.  Today a haven for a large number of birds an fauna, it is its own ecosystem, and possibly the largest ruined mansion I have ever had the honor to see inside of.  After hours, and exploring the whole place we came out exhausted and headed to the next site.  Below are just a few of the stunning images of decay you can see there, as well as a video of part 1 of our exploration, and the mystery surrounding Hess' secret mission, death and last days.



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