Since even before I began photography or video I have been visiting the ghost towns of New England. While never as well preserved, famous, or as commercial as those in the West, each one has a unique character that has brought me back again and again with different groups of friends to experience them. These are three of my favorites.

The first, Dogtown, exists as a wild place of thousands of acres surrounded by the active towns and coast of Massachusetts. Once home to the rich, over the years it fell into decline and became a place of society's outcasts. Witches, escaped slaves, itinerants, prostitutes, and the eccentric all made it their home. Since its abandonment, it became, slowly a maze of trails, a refuge for the homeless, wild dogs, inspirational carvings, and even a place of murder.  Somehow each time I go I manage to get lost, but this is all part of its charm.   

Livermore, once a thriving mill town, now lies lost in the mountains of New Hampshire, home to nobody. Today, you can hike to its scant remains, and along with amazing terrain and views, each time you will find something different you missed on previous visits. While mostly gone, the power plant, mill, and old mansion still retain their outlines if you go off the beaten track to find them. Hidden under the beauty of nature you will discover anything from tools to wheels, to safes, to beds rotting amidst the trees and undergrowth. All waiting to be found on your next visit.

Monson, with its one remaining house is a tiny ghost town frozen in time, that never lasted more than a moment. This doomed town now has a perfectly preserved museum house, well maintained historic signs, and presents an idyllic walk into the past. Always hoping to catch the elusive man who has preserved it all, I have never been so lucky. If you do go yourself be sure to check if the town's savior is in, and don't turn down a tour if you have the offer.

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