Welcome back.  I'd like to introduce you to six of the lost mansions of Ireland.  After struggling through a freak snowstorm,  and car issues we were able to explore these amazing sites.  I have just released part one of a two part video detailing their often strange and startling histories.  All six of these buildings were once homes of great landed families and have fallen to decay, ruin and obscurity as the fortunes of their owners faded. 

I found it striking on our travels that often the view of these homes was tied directly to the owners.  Most local people after centuries of strife and social changes see them as things to be forgotten along with the scars of the past.  Some see them as lost heritage.  Regardless of who owned them they remain unforgettable architectural wonders that now lie little seen in the country side of the island, each one with a unique story.  See below for the full video and I hope you enjoy! 



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