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This weekend I had the luck to make a return to and explore this abandoned Georgian mansion in the hills of New England.  Once used as a Summer estate until the 1940s it was then used for a number of medical purposes such as mental health and drug rehab until its abandonment following a number of patient deaths related to malpractice.  Today it sits derelict atop the hill with a commanding view of the nearby mountains. 

While quickly succumbing to the elements and increasing vandalism, some of the original design elements remain intact on the inside.  These new touches include a large fireplace with pentagram and plastic Santa.  What's more, this house is now alive with animals who call it their new home.  Raccoons have left their tracks and many birds use the old light fixtures which hang, half falling from the ceilings as their tree branch for a nest. 

With each passing year and each new broken window or  exterior collapse the building has begin to more and more resemble a bleached skeleton of itself that grins and looks over the town below it.  Stay posted for updates as in the next week I will be releasing a video of this exploration on my channel!



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