Having been drenched by rain for days we dreaded the prospect of discovering one of our main goals of the trip was un-shootable due to the weather.  Having passed many places for the day, we finally had one last stop to go and pulled up to the long seashell covered access road that leads to the precipitous cliff edge.  I was surprised to find a few years back that the actual mansion that inspired Dracula was in fact in Scotland.  It was as dramatic as expected and amid the crashing waves,  gulls, and wind, we were one of only a few people to be seen.  Every year one or more people die from falling off the cliffs, but they never felt unsafe.  On a headland, flanked by a massive crevasse, cliffs and the sea it is a truly lonely place where the imagination starts to work and it's easy to see how once Bram Stoker was invited by the Earl to stay at the great house, a night in the bed with the crashing ocean in the distance broke his writer's block.   The house offers many archways, stairs to nowhere, a strange octagonal room straight from the novel, weird basement rooms, and amazing views.  Now saved by a preservation campaign from the bulldozers of a developer, it may still be a place to experience the wonder that inspired Dracula.        

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