On a sunny Summer day that was unusually hot for Scotland we set off with fellow explorer, Discover With Pajerico to find the mysterious "Blue Pool" he had swam in as a kid.   The pools is a strange modern mystery, in that nobody knows why it is blue or why it exists.  Down a long path, past an abandoned castle to the power lines were the reason of its first discovery, we hiked until reaching it.   It still sits abandoned and it's builder or purpose has never been discovered even after the man who found it dedicated his life to the purpose. The second, ornate pool we explored later, passing old rusty gates, to reach an abandoned mansion forgotten in time. The mansion's hulking frame, which includes a partial upper floor that survived a devastating fire is an oppressive ruin.  In the back areas was the true star, an overgrown pool with ornate tiles and water spouts.  The wind whipped at us until the moment we left, giving away why the Gaels called this place "Windy Height."     


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