As we launched into a desperate attempt to explore as many abandoned mansions as we could reach in two weeks, one stood out as the ultimate goal that we had in fact planned much of the trip around reaching.  The abandoned mansion of Hugh Tennent, creator of the most popular beer in Scotland, is a forgotten and hard to reach place, which has a storied past.  Not only did Hugh die at a young age, but other owners also died at untimely moments, leaving the chain of custody and fate of the mansion to its current end.  Heavily decays, still many stunning details like the slate roofed towers, ornate balconies, interior window frames, and the entire fabric remains.  Commanding amazing views of the highland mountains and lochs, this silent shell is one of the memorable places we've visited yet.  The first two houses here were burned, and the modern house seems fated to ultimate destruction as well, but for now stands as one of the most amazing abandoned places in Scotland.

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