2-4-20 | Abandoned Castle of The Heroine Who Inspired Hodor - Desertify Urbex


As we traveled up the East coast of Scotland, we reached an abandoned castle I had to check out, if just for the fact that barely anybody ever does.  Nestled in a patch of woods over a stream, the castle was first built in the 1300s, and was greatly built upon in the 1500s, before being abandoned and then restored again in the 1800s, to be left to decay one last time.  Once a home to Catherine Douglas, a woman central to the assassination of James I of Scotland, the mansion oddly now has ties to Hodor of Game of Thrones.  George R R Martin drew heavily on the War of The Roses, and Scottish history for his novels, and Catherine who became a hero and was renamed to "Katy Barlass" for her heroic acts in an unlikely but clear influence on Hodor's character.      

While exploring the 70x70 foot square interior, after fighting through thick banks of thorn bushes and trees, it became apparent that the story is now much larger that the place itself.  With a wild mix of build dates,and  mostly only stone ruins remaining, it is almost hidden from sight across the road from the later house that replaced it, and was too abandoned until its recent restoration.  In its later days it hosted a supporter of the Jacobite uprisings and even a witch.  Now it mainly hosts lost golf balls from the nearby high end course.  If ever there was a lost place with a story that needed retelling this was it.  Check out our link below to our full video covering its history and a site walk through.


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