It's hard to say exactly what draws me here time and time again.  Perhaps it was the mystery of this amazing castle like mansion, which on official records no longer existed, or maybe it was the fact all I could find was a date and a family name for a history.  Or maybe it is simply how gorgeous and quiet it can be?  Whatever the reasons, we returned again, after three years to unravel the mystery that entangles this lost mansion and its tower like the hair of Rapunzel.  

This time armed with a drone, and intent on finding information, we were able to locate an old calendar and pinpoint a date of last habitation.  Using old maps, gravestone dates and an old manuscript on the family we found by sheer chance, we were able to compile the first extensive history of this house and its people from the first settling of the lands by the family to the house's destruction.

With such amazing architecture, representing the height of Baronial Architecture it has always been a surprise to find how few know of this place, visit or photograph it.  Using the drone we were able to record areas I believe have never been seen since it became overgrown and ruinous.  Fantastically tangled mammoth vines and ivy, actively struggle with ornate stonework the likes of which I have never seen on a country house.  The new information and media we captured here spurred me to create out longest yet exploration video.  Clocking in at 60 minutes, it covers the entire history of this lost wonder and every minute detail of its one of a kind ornamentation.  See for yourself below.

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