This is a house that has truly been a mystery to me for years.  On our first visit we could not make heads or tails of it.  Apparently used as a kennel I now know it may have been built in the 1850s as part of an earlier mansion complex.  It seems to have been expanded in the 1890s along with the nearby mansion which will be the focus of our next video and blog post.  We were able to discover a children's book from the 1960s and a calendar from 1968 putting the last date of habitation at that date.  The complex comprises an overgrown house, rusted gateway, collapsed stable range, some kennels, a work house and shops and a barn.  Today it serves as the first sight heading towards its imposing nearby ruin, but it one looks inside you can still find pink carpets, pink and floral wallpapers and signs of the lives once lived there.  Still a candidate for restoration, this house may yet live again.

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