I had wanted for some time to visit the famous statue known as "The Blue Lady" which  sits on the grave of Sarah Larned Osgood.  A number of local stories include on that states the lady holds a rose, a bible or rosary depending on the time you see her. In 2010, the Blue Lady was stolen and pieces of the statue were later discovered at a scrap yard and her head placed on a wall. The statue has since been repaired after all parts were recovered and a fence erected to prevent further vandalism. 

when I arrived at the cemetery ut was the last day of the year before the worst of the winter cold set in and she was much smaller than I expected, and very hard to notice or find at first.  While the fence now blocks access, you can still get relatively near.  While life sized, the Blue Lady has a larger presence than their small size, and the backdrop of fall leaves,  with the wind blowing through the nearby trees and nearby monuments made for a poignant scene.      


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