Videos - Desertify Urbex

Abandoned Train Tunnel to Nowhere & The Search for the 808 Bass Train

Hill House: Exploring Abandoned Victorian Millionaire Castle Mansion

Dioramas of Decay: A Creepy Derelict Religious Theme Park

Malignant Manor: Creepy Abandoned Nursing Home of Nightmare

Mountains of Madness: Abandoned Masonic Mansion & Insane Haunting Hotel

Killing McKinley: The Story of a Creepy Abandoned Hotel

The Ward 2: Last Session at Session 9

The Ward: A Farewell

The Lost Crypts (WARNING Found Human Remains): Crazy Abandoned Tombs

Dirty Dancing | Last Days of an Abandoned Iconic Resort

Shudder Island: A Never Before Seen Abandoned Hospital

Brave Wilderness Abandoned Sea Fortress (We Explore Areas Coyote Peterson Missed)

Fight Club: Abandoned Horror Cult School (Never Before Seen Location With Everything Left Behind)

Found an Abandoned Saloon at a Huge Wild West Theme Park

Explore a Crazy Abandoned New England Sanatorium: Walking Dead Hospital

Six Amazing Abandoned Mansions of Ireland Part 2

Six Amazing Abandoned Mansions of Ireland

Creepy Abandoned Satanic Santa Hills Hospital

Gigantic Abandoned WWII Island Swamp Bunker with Tunnel

Abandoned Juvenile Detention Center & Halloween Tunnels

Abandoned Gothic Mansion (Never Before Seen Cellars and Mausoleum) Pt 2

Abandoned Gothic Mansion (Shocking End Discovered) Pt 1

Rapunzel's Abandoned Castle (An Amazing Forgotten Wonder Mansion)

The Olde Churches (Abandoned Churches and Mausoleum of a Crazy Reincarnationist)

Crazy Abandoned Fascist Palace With a Dark History

Shudder Hall (Abandoned Irish Mansion With a Weird Past)

The Nuns' Forgotten Mansion (An Insane Abandoned Castle)

Abandoned Toxic New England Mill (Superfund Site with Dangerous Floors)

Giant Abandoned Mansion Part 1 (Eerily Decaying Ruins)

Giant Abandoned Mansion Part 2 (I Might Not Be Alone)

Cancel Save changes Abandoned Massive Mansion of Arches (Secret Passage Discovered)

Abandoned Crypt Tower (Warning: Human Bones Found)

Cancel Save changes Abandoned Trojan Horse Train Yards (Toxic Superfund Site)

Abandoned Creepy Tower Mansion (A Forgotten Family Seat)

Wild Abandoned Church in the Cemetery (Intact Tower with Bell)

Castle Mental Asylum (Infamous for Drug Experiments)

Abandoned New England Mansion (Soon To Be Lost Forever)

Abandoned Mental Asylum Tunnels (Creepy as Hell)

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